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5 Day Guides Kawasan Falls, Badian, Philippines

5 Day Guides Kawasan Falls, Badian, Philippines

Why 5 Day Guides ?

Why not? That would be the simple and lazy answer. But that’s not really a suitable reply.

The idea came about when we were grabbing a very last minute 7 day holiday / vacation to a place we had never been to before. The flight time was ideal, we’d arrive then have a day around the hotel on the first day. We tend to have a day relaxing, prior to packing on the last day too, so this leaves the 5 days inbetween.

Hence the 5 Day Guides idea came about.


Crowded Beach In Spain

Maybe this is your thing? A fortnight or a week across to Benidorm or Corfu?

Making sure you grab every hour of sun, fighting for the hotel sunbeds. Queuing at the all inclusive bar for 20 minutes to get a plastic cup of luke wam beer. Discovering that unless you get up at 6am and wait in line, chances are the 100 sunbeds are all taken before the sun is out. Disappointing really, as the hotel has 400 rooms, yet only 100 sunbeds.

Grab a quick Full English washed down with a couple of large beers for brekkie, then lay out for the next 8 hours, moving to get to the bar or run in for lunch.

Spain has so much more to offer, why not look at different areas of Spain? We have lived here a few years, so read here for more info on proper Spain.


Let’s Do Something Different

It’s fine doing the all inclusives, it’s fine doing the party resorts where the beers flow 24/7. The Club 18-30 holidays have been popular for ever it seems, with more and more companies getting onto the bandwagon. There does come a point in life though, where concrete tower hotels, with pissed up guests and music blasting out till 3am becomes something you want to move on from.

Let’s look at some different locations, somewhere further afield maybe. Off the beaten track, somewhere less touristy possibly.

Forget the screaming kids, the 20 year old pissed up lager louts, the  feeling of being cramped like sardines in the pool. Let’s think about more exotic places, such as Thailand maybe. The peace and quiet of Koh Samui, relaxing in the hotel infinity pool. Combine a week in Bangkok and then a week on Koh Samui, to see both sides of Thailand. Want more suggestions for Thailand? Read our guide here.



Join The Loons

I’m not meaning the lunatics, the 10 pint wonders who manage to disrupt your nice peaceful holidays.

Loon in Bohol, Philippines

I’m talking about the people who live in Loon, which can be found in Bohol in the Philippines.

The thought of sitting here, reading a book, sipping on a cold drink watching the world go by. Just what you want to imagine, sitting in the cold of the European winter.


Bohol, Philippines

This hammock has your name on it maybe. Here is the link to read more on the Philippines, as your next getaway destination.


So Cal

Yeah we’ve seen the cop shows and movies, LA home to the gangs, non-stop violence, drugs, guns etc etc etc.

Forget all that rubbish, get a flight out to LAX, then a short drive you’re down to the coast. Chillout, enjoying the warm sun, the beaches and the atmosphere.

Hermosa Beach, So Cal

One of the best places I have visited on the west coast is Hermosa Beach, it totally blew my mind. We were staying just down the road at the Crowne Plaza in Redondo Beach and visited here several times. With great food and cold beers available, the laid back atmosphere, make the beaches of California ideal for couples or families. Don’t forget to check out Santa Monica, Mission Beach in San Diego, Long Beach, Huntington Beach & Venice Beach. Loads more information here in our Los Angeles destination guide.

Venice Beach, Los Angeles, United States


5 Day Guides Finally

If you’ve made it this far, then congratulations. We want to make this a fun place to visit, where we offer great information and put it across in a casual style for you. If you have questions, please do drop us a message. In the mean time, enjoy reading, get planning your next vacation and most importantly have fun!


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