Tokyo Photography

A city that offers so much, for so many different people. We decided to have a look at some of the wonderful, yet different images used in Tokyo Photography posts.


The Tokyo Photography Giant Robot

D’oh. Japan is a forefront of technology, so robots are one of the associated products. We’re not just meaning the tiny desk top ones though. These huge robots are impressive.

Tokyo Photography Giant Robot


Traditional And Technology

From the historical past of Japan, the modern day technology sits alongside.

Tokyo Photography Zojoji Temple


The Zojoji Temple

Looking at this image shows the Zojoji Temple and also the modern radio tower infastructure dwarfing it. Both are important for different reasons, one for meditation and prayer, the other to help keep the world moving along.

Sangenjaya, Tokyo,

This colourful shot is taken in the small back streets of Sangenjaya, Tokyo, around midnight.

Tokyo Photography Final Thoughts


The colours, the feel of the city are there to enjoy. Not all the streets are crowded, not all the sounds are noise.


Ready to visit?

We’ve a great guide here on how to spend 5 days in Tokyo, which has plenty of information and tips.

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