Pictures That Will Make You Appreciate Life In Spain

To the average man on the street in the UK, mention Spain and they think of Benidorm.

Oh I beg to differ, you may say, but let’s look at this. The popular holiday destination for decades; Sun, sand, sea and sunburn.

So let our little snapshots of Spain make you consider different places to holiday.

Spain Photography – Seville

Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See, Seville, Spain

Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See, Seville which is better known as Seville Cathedral.

  • The largest church in Spain.
  • UNESCO  World Heritage Site, registered in 1987.
  • The total area covers 11,520 square meters.

Did you know Christopher columbus is buried in here?

Nerja, Spain

Spain photography - Sunset Nerja, Spain

Spend part of the day exploring Cueva de Nerja, a nearby cavern with unusual stalactites and stalagmites. Then head back into the town for lunch, before taking to the coves and beaches for the afternoon sun. Enjoy the peace and quiet, as you watch the sun setting over the Med, down here in the Costa Del Sol.




The Ronda image is one of the most stunning to see in real life. Visitors to the area can see, the city of Ronda is divided by the Guadalevín River .


Spain photography Carmona, Spain A small town of Andalusia, full of history.

Traditional Spain

Finding a traditional village or town, really isn’t difficult. There are unexplored destinations that millions of tourists never seem to bother with. As someone who lives in Spain, these are the best places to be, for that true, authentic experience. If you’re wanting to visit Spain, we’ve plenty of information here in our destination guides.

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