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Room Service Menu – Using In Room Service

Do you ever look at the hotel room service menu, then feel you need to sit down before you faint? A sandwich and a handful of crisps for £15, plus a tray charge of £5 on top of that. The house burger and fries @£25, plus a glass of Pepsi and the tray charge. What would have cost you probably £15 all in at the pub restaurant down the road, is over double because you’re in your hotel room and decided you can’t be bothered getting dressed again to go down to dinner in the restaurant.

You know the feeling, you’ve just had a peaceful nights sleep but can’t be bothered eating in the busy restaurant. What better way to start the day than order room service breakfast, then jump into the shower while it’s been prepared for you. Alternatively, you’ve not had a good nights sleep. You feel/look as rough as anything and the idea of dozens, if not hundreds, of yabbering voices, doesn’t appeal.


Hey, I’m alone, not lonely.

It’s fine if you’re used to travelling alone, you like your own company. We’ve done it where we were in a hotel for dinner. You hear the staff greet you with ” table for one, is it?”. Maybe the newspaper or the paperback in one hand is a giveaway. This is the slight downside with hotels, especially high end ones where meals are cooked to order. You’ve got that wait between courses, which sometimes can seem to go everrrrr so slowwwwwwly.

You can do the crossword in between courses, or plough through a chapter or 2 of your novel. At least if there’s someone with you, you can make conversation. As a last resort, you can get out your tablet or phone and check social media, reply to some emails. Heck, you might even be sat in the hotel reading this article. Imagine that!

room service menu

Breakfast In Bed

Sometimes it’s not a case of not wanting to mingle over breakfast. It’s something even more enticing. The view. Although it’s nice to have a lovely view from the room, if you have a balcony, then it’s even better.

Breakfast In Room Neuchâtel, Switzerland

A couple of newspapers, fresh squeezed orange juice, a pot of ground coffee and warm croissants, fresh fruit and a glorious view. Enjoy the warmth of the sun on your skin, while you enjoy the leisurely breakfast – what could possibly be better?


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