where to stay in Stockholm; Mariaberget, Stockholm, Sweden

How to plan your 5-day Stockholm itinerary

Stockholm is the capital and the largest city of Sweden. Located on the east coast of the Baltic Sea, it is a political, economic and administrative centre of the country. Stockholm consists of 14 islands connected by bridges (approx. 57) so you can travel by car or you can enjoy the greatest boat tour experience. Considering its beauty and exotic landmarks, sceneries, unique architecture and of course waterways, Stockholm is called the Venice of the North. There are many things to do and see, so you need more than 5 days to discover everything you planned in your itinerary.

You can catch a ferry and visit Djurgarden, the greenest island of Stockholm, or you can admire the most beautiful architecture of Gamla Stan, the old part of the city. It’s up to you.

Things to do in Stockholm; the panorama of Gamla Stan, the oldest part of a town; view from a city hall

Where To Stay In Stockholm

We stayed for one night in At Six hotel. This hotel of a modern design is located in the centre of Stockholm. Each room has its own bathroom, hairdryer and organic accessories. During your stay in the hotel, you can enjoy the greatest cocktails at the bar or you can taste wine you’ve never tasted before.

Restaurants serve international cuisine, so you will definitely be delighted by that too.

The greatest plus points are:

  • Listening lounge
  • Free WiFi
  • Parking place
  • Bar
  • Restaurant
  • Fitness centre (open 24/7)
  • Pets allowed
  • The old part of the town Gamla Stan is only a 5-minute walk away

5-day Stockholm itinerary will help you in a case you need a travel inspiration to plan your trip, so why don’t you keep reading.

where to stay in Stockholm

Gamla Stan entrance the oldest and the most interesting part of the city

DAY 1. Visit Gamla Stan 

Gamla Stan is the oldest part of the town and one of the best preserved medieval districts in Europe. This is where Stockholm was founded in late 1252.

Gamla Stan consists of 3 islands: Stadsholmen, Riddarholmen and Helgeandsholmen.

Stockholm old town is the main tourist destination. Its narrow medieval streets, beautiful colourful facade paintings and monumental buildings create a unique atmosphere. Because of its uniqueness and beauty, it is best to walk on foot.


Stortorget square: In the heart of Gamla Stan, there is the main Stortorget Square, a frequent photographic motive on the city postcards. Whether you want to try cinnamon snacks or taste the most delicious Swedish specialities that are mostly based on fish and potatoes, you should definitely not miss this place. Considering it is just minutes away from the Royal Palace, this is the ideal place to charge your batteries. Stortorget is beautiful now, so you can only imagine how it looks like during the Christmas market.

 Iconic buildings at Stortorget Square - colorful facades in the oldest square in Stockholm

Iconic buildings at Stortorget Square



Narrow streets: Here you will see the narrowest street in Sweden, Mårten Trotzigs Gränd, learn something new about the Nobel Prize award in the Nobel Museum…

Stockholm things to do walk the narrow streets of Gamla Stan

Stockholm things to do walk the narrow streets of Gamla Stan



The Royal Palace: one of the greatest attractions of Gamla Stan is the Royal Palace; one of the largest in the world with more than 600 rooms. It is the world’s biggest royal palace still in function. This is the official residence and the main royal palace of the Swedish monarch. The building is characterized by its unique architecture. The Swedish Parliament Building is located nearby.

The Royal Palace in Stockholm


Swedish Parliament Building:  the building presents the seat of the Swedish Parliament. This building was built in eye-catching Neoclassic and Neo-Baroque style. The Swedish Parliament is open to the public. In the palace, you can see the main offices where votes, debates and public hearings are often held. Group, student visits and public visits are free but must be reserved in advance.


More beautiful churches and museums are located in this district as well, such as the National Cathedral. After a walking tour, take a coffee break and look for some souvenirs.


DAY 2: Why Not Visit Djurgården Island

In the immediate vicinity of the Royal Palace, you can reserve your ticket for a boat tour and head to Djurgården Island. Djurgaåden is a green oasis in the heart of the city; the best place for relaxing and enjoying the beauty of nature. Djurgården is owned by the royal family for many years.

With more than 60 museums, Stockholm is one of the cities with the most museums in the world. Djurgården Island has the most museums in the whole country.

Skansen Museum : this is the oldest open-air museum in the world, founded in 1891. It shows Swedish history, the development of the main styles in architecture and its former customs and life as it used to be. Approximately 150 houses and buildings of the estate have been moved here from all over Sweden, including Laponese residences dating back to the 5th century.  Apart from the houses, Nordic animals like bears, wolves, squirrels and sages are also a part of its permanent exhibition. There is a Children’s Zoo A – Z too.

Due to the length of the whole area (3 sq.km.), it takes a lot of time to take a tour. In the end, you get to the highest point of the island and enjoy the most beautiful panoramic view of Stockholm.

Besides the Skansen Museum, there are many interesting museums like the Vasa Museum with the memorial ship (Vasa) built for war purposes, ABBA the Museum, Aquaria Water Museum, Nordic Museum etc.

Djurgården is a favourite place for sports and recreation as well. Many concerts are also held here during summer.

DAY 3: Free Things To Do In Stockholm

Grona Lund: No tourist itinerary is complete without entertainment! Grona Lund is the oldest amusement park in Sweden founded in 1883. It is located on the seaside of Djurgården Island. Despite a relatively small area, here you can enjoy 30 or so unforgettable attractions like Blue Train ride, Fritt Fall Tilt a tilting drop tower, spooky haunted house, Octopus Spinner, the swing ride etc. In 2011, a wooden rollercoaster was opened and in 2013 the world’s highest sledge swing was opened. The highest point of this roller coaster is at 121 meters above sea level, which means you can enjoy the incredible panorama of the city. The maximum turning speed is 70 km/h; adrenaline rush is guaranteed.

Besides the dazzling adrenaline rides, this place is extremely popular because numerous concerts are held here, especially during summer. Bob Marley’s concert is definitely worth mentioning. While resting from dizzy rides, treat yourself with some delicious desserts. Grona Lund is open from spring until autumn. Larger groups get a discount. Be sure to visit the park in the late evening when the light creates a special and unique atmosphere.

Skinnarvik Park: Skinnarvik Park is located on Sodermalm Island. For most of the people, this is the favourite picnic spot with family and friends. Make some sandwiches, grab some tea or coffee and visit this famous park. Don’t forget to bring a blanket. And a camera. ‘Cause the view of Stockholm is really breathtaking. This is one of the more popular free things to do in Stockholm.

DAY 4: Museums You Must Visit In Stockholm

As mentioned before, Stockholm has more than 60 museums. Considering the fact that Stockholm is one of the most beautiful “city-museum”, plan to stay at least 5 days for a full experience.

Vasa Museum (Vasamuseet): Vasamuseet is located on Djurgården Island. It is the home of the reconstructed Vasa warship that sank in 1628 during its first voyage. Vasa was lying on the bottom of the sea until 1961 when it was discovered. It was carefully reconstructed and exposed almost in its original state. Join a free guided museum tour and become a witness to thousands of stories from the past. Since 1961, the museum has been visited by more than 28 million people. Be a part of the statistics and enjoy this special Stockholm itinerary.

Swedish History Museum: this is the National Historical Museum founded in 1943. The main exhibitions were about the Viking age. Even today, the Swedish History Museum has one of the largest collections of Viking age artefacts/objects in the world. Everyone who is interested should definitely visit this place, see these original Viking items and listen to exciting stories about their use in everyday life. Free guided tours are available daily, but only from spring to autumn. Entry is free.

ABBA: The museum: ABBA the museum was opened in 2003. This is one of the newest European tourist attractions. The museum is dedicated to the famous Swedish group ABBA.

Junibacken Museum: Junibacken Museum is dedicated to the famous writer Astrid Lindgren, creator of the Pippi Longstocking. If you’re a bookworm, this is a must-see.


Metro Stockholm, Sweden

Metro Stockholm, Sweden

DAY 5: Fun Stockholm Itinerary

Although there are very strict laws against alcohol in Stockholm, the city offers a very active and interesting nightlife. Certainly Stockholm is known for its famous DJs, such as Avicii, Steve Angello, Alesso…

There are plenty of bars and disco clubs with different kinds of music like pop, jazz, rock, dance music and many more. If you prefer live music, numerous concerts are held in concert halls all across the city.

We should definitely mention that there are strict rules at the club entrances. Be sure to follow these rules or you will stay outside. And you all know how cold it can be in Stockholm.

There are two districts in Stockholm that are well known for excellent nightclubs: Östermalm and Södermalm. Furthermore, most clubs are open from Thursday to Saturday from late evening hours till dawn.

Sturecompagniet: this club is located in Östermalm district. It’s one of the biggest nightclubs, consisting of 3 floors. There are 5 different dance floors where you can enjoy all kinds of music. If you find yourself here, be ready for the best nightlife ever.

Spy Bar and Solidaritet are the most popular nightclubs in Stockholm. Solidaritet spreads over 2 floors. A couple of thousand electronic and techno music lovers enjoy listening to famous DJs every year. So what are you waiting for? Let’s shake together!

Golden hits: if you’re craving for the rhythm of the 70s and 80s, this is the right choice for you!

T-centralen, Stockholm, Sweden

T-centralen, Stockholm,