places to visit in Germany

Places To Visit In Germany

Point of Interest of Germany

Germany is synonymous with many things – castles, hiking, sausages, food, beer and more. Yet there was more to contemporary Germany than that. There is a vibrant music scene and international art in Berlin. There are wonderful forests in the west, ignored beaches and historic cities in the north and a lot more.

Where to Stay in Germany

The Regent is a very sophisticated hotel in the centre of Berlin. It’s deemed for its conventional elegance and 2 Michelin stars. You can also try the Lux 11, Hotel Art Nouveau, Casa Pamper, Gastwerk Hotel, and Charles Hotel among others.

Things to Do in Germany

The capital of Germany, Berlin has a world-class history, museums and funky neighbourhoods. From the art to the museums to the great bars and affordable food, Berlin is electric. You can also go to the romantic roads in Bavaria or hike the Black Forest, situated close to the French border.
In case you plan to visit in October, why not take advantage of hanging out at Oktoberfest?

best time to travel to Germany Eltz Castle, Wierschem,

Eltz Castle, Wierschem, Germany

Where is Germany

Situated in the continent of Europe, Germany has 348,672 sq. km. of land. It crosses the main physical division of the nation. It starts from the exterior arrays of the Alps. Then northward across the diverse landscapes of the Central German Uplands.
It continues throughout the North German Plain. The population of the country is 83,249,000. The currency of Germany is Euro (EUR). It has a longitude of 15.030 and latitude of 55.050.

Best Time to Visit Germany

More of the nation gets its largest rainfall in the middle of summer. Thus, the weather in June, July and August could be warm, but unpredictable too. Are you looking for more settled weather with comfortable temperatures and warm sunshine?
Early autumn and later spring – May, September and earlier of October are the perfect time to visit.

Neuschwanstein Castle, Schwangau, Germany

How Do I Get There?

There’s dozens of flights daily from the UK to various German airports.
Air Berlin provides fights from the United States and serves Dusseldorf too. That’s true if Berlin is your location. United, Delta and American also go to other cities include Hamburg and Berlin. Frankfurt Airport, Munich Airport, Berlin Tegel Airport and Hamburg Airport are famous airports.
You will also find rail services such as Deutsche Bahn and InterCity Express. It is among the whizzing and fastest with approximately 199 mph. Meanwhile, if you want to use a driver or a car hire, Germany provides excellent drives too.