Beautiful Sunsets UK Style

Sunset London - Beautiful Sunsets UK


No tricks, no Photoshop,  no illusions. Really? These are all spur of the moment photos, nothing more and nothing less.

Autumn Is Here

The days are getting shorter, daylight hours are vanishing. You wake up to go to work or school and it’s dark. You finish work and the commute back home is in the dark. Welcome to the UK in the Autumn season.



Driving Fun

Or not, may be the case. The brow of the hill on the winding, country roads just catches you out. The low setting sun, so much lower than usual, but still bright enough to dazzle. Drivers do need to keep their wits about them, this time of year. Especially driving in new areas, they don’t know the roads as well as the locals.

Afternoon delight

One of the nicer aspects of this time of year though is the number of beautiful sunsets UK wide, from the top of Scotland to the tip of the English southern coast.


nice places to visit in england

Nice Places To Visit In England To Enjoy The Views.

It may not be quite warm enough to sit outdoors and admire the sunsets unless you wrap up warm. However, there’s ample opportunity to do so from the warmth of the local village pub, the restaurant or even from inside the car. If you’re still unsure which are the nice places to visit in England to capture the sunsets.

nice places to visit in uk for sunsets - Lancashire

One of the nice places to visit in UK for sunsets – Lancashire



The quotation of “Red sky at night, shepherd’s delight.Red sky in the morning, shepherd’s warning” is said to come from the Bible. This suggests that an overly red sunset means clear weather is coming and a particularly red sunrise suggests possible storms or bad weather. Either way, we all agree that some of these skies either at night or sunrise, make compelling viewing.

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