best places to visit in Japan



Best Places To Visit In Japan


Japan Points Of Interest

Japan has a perfect mix of modern and ancient attractions. These include Akihabara, Nikko, Ancient Tokyo and Shibuya station. Shibuya station is famous for the Scramble Crossing. For beautiful and breathtaking sceneries, Japan has Hitsujiyama Park and the Wisteria Tunnel. Kyoto is a beautiful city, worth spending time at as we reveal.


Where To Stay In Japan?

You have many hotels to choose from in Japan. They range from luxury to cheap hotels. Luxury hotels include Asakusa Toukaisou, Kamogawa Asakusa and Kyushu Blossom. Some cheap hotels include Sakura Fleur Aoyama and Hotel Mystay. Tokyo is a popular base, so read ourĀ destination guide here.

Things to Do in Japan

You can never get bored in Japan. There is always something to do and attractions to visit. For those with a bucket list, you can watch a professional sumo match or play an exciting game of Pachinko. You can also visit ‘Shibuya Crossing’ and be part of hundreds of people crossing the road at a time.

If you are a singer, you can take part in Karaoke. And if you are a fashionista, shop for a Kimono.

Where is Japan?

Japan is located in the eastern and northern hemispheres. Its capital city is located on latitude of 35.41 North and a longitude of 139.41 East. Japan is positioned on the eastern coast of Asia. It has a total area of 377.915 km2. It’s ranked the 62nd largest country in the world. It has a population of 126,702,133 and uses the Japanese Yen.


Best Time To Visit Japan

The best time to visit Japan is in autumn and summer. This is when the country is the most beautiful. It has stunning colours and budding cherry blossoms.

The average temperature in Japan is 160C. January is the coldest month and August is the hottest. Winter and summer have a 200C temperature difference. June is the wettest month. It experiences about 181 mm of rain.

There are occasional typhoons between May and October.

Getting There

You can arrive in Japan by plane. Narita Airport in Tokyo is the busiest. Other large airports include Kansai and Haneda Airports.

Ferry services are available from South Korea, China, Russia, and Taiwan.